LOKI — Jamming and Spoofing Generator

IGASPIN's first product is a simple GNSS spoofer based on GPS L1. Currently, multi-frequency support and expansion to multiple systems such as Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou are under development. In addition to spoofing, JSG also enables simpler variants such as jamming.
Its use is subject to the respective national and legal regulations.


RIDe1 — Rotating Identification Device with one antenna

This product detects direction-based GNSS Spoofers with just one rotating antenna.
One field of application is for example the local monitoring of GNSS signals.


RIDe2 — Rotating Identification Device with two antennas

The further development of the product RIDe1 is based on two rotating antennas. It can detect and determine as well as localize GNSS jammers, interferers and spoofers.
For further development, the targeted search for possible GNSS sources of interference is pursued.